Mawson helps growing organisations that need capital, strategy and management expertise. There are specific points in the business lifecycle where key decisions will significantly influence success.


During this time, strong leadership, management experience and access to capital are essential. This, coupled with independent advice and hands-on assistance, are invaluable to help identify potential capability gaps within your organisation.

Growth is critical to a business’s options and is proving more difficult to sustain in a market where long-term success requires constant recalibration. Whether you are growing for an exit, capital event or for long-term sustainability, you need to ensure that your strategy is built on a strong foundation for success.

A proven track-record. Above all, our clients value our management experience, hands-on approach and emotional support. We have a highly experienced team of experts and we know what it takes to grow a business to new heights because we have done it many times before. Here are some stories shared by our clients.

A personalised approach. Our clients do not go it alone. We work alongside them, we engage daily and provide the business with the strategic, management and financial support and expertise it needs.


To achieve success, businesses need to put aside existing paradigms and compete in the new normal - a dynamic and constantly changing world. Old fashioned static planning is no longer a guarantee of success. We will partner with you and your management team to develop a bespoke plan to help you achieve your goals.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Provide a strategy and the foundation for long term sustainable growth.

  • Provide and source the capital needed to fund your business growth.

  • Create robust finance functions for clear visibility and accountability.

  • In-depth reviews of organisational structure and organisational restructuring.

  • Identify organisational skills and experience gaps.

  • Recruit, retain and train management teams for organisational growth.

  • Develop policies and procedures for day to day decision making.

  • Implement governance and accountability frameworks.

  • Mentor and coach directors and management.

  • Re-examine your approach to corporate culture.

  • Develop and foster an innovation culture.  

  • Develop a detailed strategic plan to ensure your business is exit or succession ready.

  • Give you more time to focus on what’s important to you.


At Mawson, we partner with you to build a resilient, innovative and nimble organisation that can thrive in all business climates. We work with you to actively develop, implement and manage your business through times of change and growth. We help businesses raise growth capital, prepare for exit and succession, and represent owners when they are ready to sell.


If any of the following circumstances sound like you, please get in touch, we can help:

  • Your business is stable but is not growing.

  • You require capital to supercharge business growth.

  • You have an over-dependence on limited revenue sources.

  • Your industry is undergoing radical change.

  • New competitors are entering your market and are doing things differently.

  • The nature of your customer base is changing.

  • Your business model is likely to be tested over the coming months/years.

  • Your business is too dependent on you.

  • You are thinking about selling your business at some stage and want to prepare your business now in order to maximise its value.

  • You are personally thinking about exiting your business and/or changing the nature of your role at some stage and want to prepare a succession plan.


We thrive on helping owners realise the full potential of their business.

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