Exclusive investment opportunities

•    High quality private Australian businesses.
•    Hand-picked for their growth and transformation potential.
•    Backed by the Mawson management and advisory team.

Mawson Capital is a boutique capital arranger, investor, and investment manager. We have extensive investment banking and advisory experience. We partner with Australian-based companies who are seeking between $2 million and $20 million to implement transformational change and create significant stakeholder value.

Mawson Capital’s investment management platform is designed to deliver sophisticated and high net worth investors with private investment experiences akin to investments in listed markets. We know the opportunities are of high quality because we have invested in them ourselves.


"There’s no greater hypocrisy in capital raising than to present opportunities to investors that you are not prepared to invest in personally. Mawson directors, partners and employees, as well as Mawson itself, principally invest in every opportunity we approach our investor network with."


We can help private investors looking for exclusive access to a range of private investment opportunities. We hand pick the businesses we choose to invest in. Businesses are carefully assessed and selected for their growth potential. We then roll our sleeves up and work alongside them. We help these businesses navigate their way through a major transformational change to unlock unrealised business potential.

We can provide investors with access to affordable private capital opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.


We are well suited to time poor private investors; we’ll do the work for you. Our scope of services includes:

  • Exclusive access to a range of high-quality private capital opportunities through our long-standing network of directors, management, advisers and referrers Australia-wide.

  • Access to comprehensive due diligence and analysis undertaken by experienced investment professionals. We can back the facts and figures with detailed knowledge of the inner workings of the business and the people within it.

  • Comprehensive monthly reports for each investee company, and ongoing monitoring of opportunities through various board, advisory and outsourced CFO positions.

  • The ability to influence Mawson Capital investment and divestment decisions through investor consultative committees.

  • The opportunity to access interim liquidity otherwise reserved for listed investments, with the ability to sell private shares based on an independent valuation.


We thrive on helping owners realise the full potential of their business.

The team at Mawson works alongside high potential Australian businesses. We invest our time in offering strategic, financial, transactional and operational advice prior to and during the investment. The establishment of the new Mawson Capital business within Mawson means that opportunities now exist for private investors to share, alongside Mawson, in the benefits of financially backing these high-quality businesses.