COVID-19 has changed the way many people work, shop and play. Australian consumption of data is now at record-breaking levels. Some newly formed habits are expected to remain, and will help drive additional internet usage and subscriber growth for the next 5 years.


As the NBN completes its roll out across Australia, the arrival of 5G is set to give rise to a number of exciting innovations for businesses and consumers alike. The battle for market share between fixed and mobile data providers is set to intensify. ISPs who are price competitive but also focus on value and service are most likely to succeed. Automation will be critical to keeping prices competitive and managing growing customer bases. A clear brand message and well orchestrated marketing approach will also be key. But all efforts to attract, retain and grow a profitable customer base must be done at a financially viable cost to ensure long term business sustainability.


We have a proven track record of success, working with a range of clients in the telecommunications industry. We can develop a plan to deliver on your unique requirements. And we will work alongside you to deliver results.

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We help organisations that need capital, strategy and management expertise to accelerate growth and maximise enterprise value.

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We work with shareholders and management to navigate the complexities of a restructure, raise capital and return a business to strength.

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