Long heralded as the back bone of economic activity in Australia, the continued prosperity of the transport and logistics industry is crucial. However, COVID-19 has presented significant disruption to this industry. A number of new restrictions, as well as changing consumer and business behaviours, has put this industry under immense pressure.


The transport and logistics industry is a key enabling force behind Australia’s economic recovery. But the task of moving people and goods has never been more challenging. Cost pressure continues to build as a result of overheads and rent, as well as an increase in competition for storage. Some reliable revenue streams have recently been eroded. Businesses face the formidable task of meeting customer service and speed expectations during a period of uncertainty. Success will depend on an ability to diversify into profitable market segments. There is also a critical need to optimize operations by investing in data and technology. The ability to implement automated processes to drive labour efficiency will also be pivotal for logistics companies. Only then, can the stage be set for the possibility of long-term sustainable growth.


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“We decided to bring on Mawson … as an external finance solutions provider … because the level of sophistication that Mawson could deliver was far greater than we could have delivered internally… Mawson worked with us to understand our business … delivered a full packages of systems … enables us to monitor how the business has performed as well as plan for the future.”

Leigh Williams, Managing Director
eStore Logistics

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